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Apple had a huge CES 2013 presence, without even being there

Wired has an interesting -- although certainly not unexpected -- look at how Apple has managed to have a massive impact on this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas without having any official presence at the show. As the piece points out, a large percentage of products being shown at the event have to do with the Cupertino gang's creations, with 500 (out of 3,000) exhibitors residing in the Apple-specific iLounge pavilion alone.

Even with our goal of focusing on the best, most interesting products on display, we've managed to keep pretty busy. In fact, to witness the complete lineup of Apple-focused products on display at this year's CES is something akin to starting into the Ark at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It's worth noting that pretty much everyone Wired spoke with for the piece says they don't really care if Apple attends the show or not -- even the CEA, which organizes the event. Of course they don't; as long as Apple keeps making immensely popular products these folks can produce accessories for (and need a place to show), why should it matter if they're actually in the building?

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