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Fitocracy arrives for Android users needing an exercise level-up


Athletes wanting to motivate themselves with Fitocracy's game-like ranking system have had to carry an iPhone to get the full experience, at least if they wanted to go beyond the website. They've got their solution now that the Android port has arrived. Like before, it lets smartphone owners log their runs and other workouts to earn points, new levels and achievements shared with friends on the social network. Sign-ups are free for the core Fitocracy service; springing for the $50 yearly subscription (or $5 per month) supplies the option to save unlimited routines, grab others' routines, start fitness duels and test new features early. If you've been looking for that extra nudge from your Nexus to get off the couch, hit the source link.

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Fitocracy Launches New Android App

Award-winning, video game-inspired social platform for fitness aims to grow its community of nearly one million users; updated iOS app released January 4

NEW YORK CITY – Fitocracy, the award-winning social network that makes fitness fun and addictive, launched its brand-new app for Android on January 9, 2013. Long-awaited, and aggressively requested by the 50 percent of "Fitocrats" who use Android, the app was developed from the ground up to ensure a truly native Android experience. The release comes just days after Fitocracy launched an updated version of its award-winning app for iOS. Both apps are free of charge.

Although several new fitness tracking apps have entered the market over the last year, only Fitocracy offers a supportive community of nearly one million users, who spend an average of nearly four hours per month on the platform. By comparison, the average Facebook user spends 6.75 hours per month using Facebook; the average Twitter user, just 21 minutes per month using Twitter. (Source: Morrison & Foerster LLP) Hailing from all parts of the globe, Fitocrats use Fitocracy's social networking features to exchange information, organize groups, hold each other accountable, set challenges, and give and receive encouragement. From light walkers to veteran bodybuilders, people of all fitness levels use Fitocracy to transform their bodies and change each other's lives.

"Every day we hear from users who say that we've helped them to finally achieve their goals when nothing else worked for them," says Fitocracy CEO and founder Brian Wang. "The majority tell us it's because of Fitocracy's huge support network of like-minded and similarly focused users, who offered them the guidance and encouragement they needed to succeed."

Where you can find Fitocracy's newest products:
The brand-new Android app: Download at

The revamped iPhone app: Download at This latest version more prominently displays Quests: a popular feature that presents users with fun, quick fitness challenges. Fitocrats can now begin a workout immediately after downloading the app.
Also, from January 15-24, 2013, Fitocracy's founders will teach a free online class at on how to achieve fitness goals through proper exercise, nutrition, and habit-building:
Fitocracy's community-focused approach to fitness stems from the friendship between company founders Wang and Chief Growth Officer Richard Talens. In 2010, the two men launched their start-up with the goal of making exercise as fun and addictive as their favorite childhood activity: playing video games. In addition to connecting its users via social networking, Fitocracy makes exercising fun through gamification – awarding points and badges for workouts well-done and ranking users to spark friendly competition.

"The Fitocracy community understands that it takes more than 'move more, eat less' to become fit. It also requires encouragement and empowerment," says Talens. "Our community's success rate defies conventional wisdom. You'll find every type of success story imaginable – from people who have lost hundreds of pounds, to people who are overcoming amputations or battling back against debilitating diseases. You will find someone who's done it before, and they will support you in every way they can."

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