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In-Win flaunts tubular, finny cases that let your components breathe fresh air


Worried that your PC case can't stand up to a natural disaster, or doesn't resemble a radiator enough? In-Win's read your mind with a couple of open-plan models from CES 2013: the aluminum D-Frame (above left) looks ready for the Paris-Dakar rally and is "crush-proof and shock-proof," while the H-Frame is basically case-shaped cooling fins, also in "exquisite satiny aluminum," according to the charming company literature. The two models are geared to modders serious about standing out from the usual ragtag LED and pump crowd, with pricing to match: $399 for each. If you scrape for one, though, at least you know you'll be unique -- In-Win will only produce 500 copies of the D-Frame, and a mere 100 H-Frames.

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