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Is this our first glimpse of SOE's revamped EverQuest Next? [Updated]

Jef Reahard

Is this our first in-game glimpse of a revamped EverQuest Next? Take it with a grain of salt since it comes from an anonymous Joystiq tipster with a fishy timestamp, but regardless, it's awful purty.

Sony Online Entertainment originally teased some heavily stylized in-game assets over two years ago, but since then the company has announced that its next EverQuest title has been blown up and re-designed as a sandbox. We don't know whether this includes an artistic revamp as well, but we do know that the game will make use of the same proprietary Forgelight engine that powers PlanetSide 2.

Have a look at the full-size leaked image after the cut and tell us what you think. Legit? Fake? If fake, what game is it from?

[Update]: Well, SOE CEO John Smedley has officially burst our bubble and we're playing the sad trombone. That said, any guesses as to where the image is actually from?

Is this our first glimpse of SOE's revamped EverQuest Next
Click on the image for a full-sized view.

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