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Lynx Laboratories prepping Kickstarter for all-in-one Kinect-like camera system


Texas-based start-up Lynx Laboratories has been teasing its creation, a 3D camera system for the better part of a month now. Now it's finally prepping to make a serious stab at a market that's still very much in its infancy. The device itself is essentially a giant display (14-inch to be specific) with a Kinect mounted on top. The cameras can be used to capture 3D models of environments such as rooms, but also people or individual objects. Those creations can be manipulated virtually or even printed out on a 3D printer, in case you prefer a more tactile interaction. The giant shooter slab is even capable of capturing motion and then turning it into an animation that can be used with a 3D model. So if you've ever wanted to animate an army of your clones doing the Thriller dance, now is your chance. We've embedded a few teaser clips after the break, but there should be plenty more detail coming on January 15th, which is when the company says it will launch its Kickstarter page.

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