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New DCUO lair livestream highlights themes and decorating possibilities

MJ Guthrie

Just a few days ago, DC Universe Online's Creative Director Jens Andersen and Systems Designer Andrew Buschmann introduced folks to the new housing lairs in the upcoming, and aptly named, Home Turf DLC via livestream. Today, the duo was joined by Ben Naumann, lead environment artist, for a more in-depth foray into the themes, styles, and overall decorating possibilities of the housing system.

Three distinct themes (dive, art deco, and gothic) will be available for all players who purchase the DLC or who have legendary status, and four others (ancient, industrial, cave, and bunker) can be purchased. Lair trim and certain coloration of the themes matches your superhero's color scheme by default, but can be altered.

The trio also demonstrated decorating and teased viewers with a quick mention of a new amenity: the suit holder. Although there is still no exact release date for Home Turf, you can whet your appetite for what's to come by watching the entire stream after the break. And for more information on the lairs, read Massively's interview with Andersen at SOE Live.

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