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Pioneer shows off 2013 head unit line, rocks our minds with bass (video)


Pioneer launched a stack of new sets this year for CES as well as an iPhone 5 connectivity solution for those left hanging since upgrading to Apple's latest phone. We've seen the head unit specs so we thought we'd give you a pic tour of the newest devices as well as a short clip of us sitting in the custom Lexus CT 200h playing with its ridiculous stereo. The centerpiece of the system is the AVH-X8500BHS receiver (above) and a custom Steampunk-inspired sub enclosure loaded with six PRS D800 amps. End result? hair-moving, skin-creeping bass and volume. We're digging seeing all the AppRadio expansion to Pioneers's line and can only hope we see prices drop -- and even become pack-ins -- for the now rather expensive connectivity cables.

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Billy Steele contributed to this report

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