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The Queue: But you can take it, can't you, big man?

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

This is pretty much how I imagine a Garrosh/Varian throwdown. You can decide who gets to be which character, and who Batman's supposed to be. Lor'themar? Jaina? Up to you.

FlinthammerHall asks
I just recently realized there was replica transmog vanilla PvP gear for those of us who achieved rank 8 or above during vanilla WoW. I'm a bad person for asking this, I know, but has Blizzard given any indication that more than the original characters who earned that rank (and got the appropriate Feat of Strength) will ever be able to purchase and use this gear?

If there has been any indication of that I haven't heard it. The goal was to leave those particular sets the province of characters (not players) that actually earned the rank.

GrahamDigance asks

Q4TQ: I have recently started a new toon (on Wyrmrest Accord, you may remember me asking about RP servers a few weeks ago). I have made my new toon a horde since I have almost always been alliance. The reason choosing for the horde was to experience all the revamped quest zones for horde since Cata changed everything.

My question today is, what zones would your recommend I don't miss when leveling my horde, also anything else you think I should experience that I would have missed as alliance :)

Well, Silverpine and the Tarren Mill area are really good, but so is Azshara (people often skip Azshara and miss out on some hilarious dialogue from Azuregos) and I'm a sucker for the Thousand Needles quests involving a certain evil tauren shaman. Also, don't miss out on the Blasted Lands, especially the quest chain that ends up here. That's one of my favorites.

dume asks

Is it just me, or is the Golden Lotus grind just terrible?

I find it tolerable compared to the August Celestials due to the non-payoff at the end of that one, but year, it's not just you. I'm not at all fond of that one.



Are you exited about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y?

Personally I am not. But I'm sure someone on staff here is, potentially Alex or Mike. To be honest I had to google this to make sure you weren't making them up. I'm just not a big Pokemon fan.

alexskylark asks

Q4tQ: The now-new elite mode, which is reminiscing of Ulduar's hard modes, which in turn are very much alike the "Challenge Mode"s of LOTRO, are truly a marvelous thing. But I've been thinking, one of the high points in LOTRO is that EVERY RAID BOSS has a challenge mode. Is it likely that Blizzard may have / are implementing elite modes for all bosses on Throne of Thunder? that's be pretty awesome, this idea is simply GENIUS

The 'elite' model is independent of heroic mode, and is intended to be rare, only used as a test this time out to see how well it works or doesn't work. I agree that it's very cool, but as Ulduar showed us it was hard for Blizzard to keep coming up with ways to incorporate that kind of variable fight difficulty without resorting to toggles. I'd say, expect it to continue to be rare, and only to appear on fights with a clear way to implement the harder difficulty.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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