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Apple TVs in Germany gain movie and TV subscription service Watchever


German Apple TV users have a new app and service on their devices. Matthew Panzarino at The Next Web reports that German subscription video on demand service Watchever has found a place on the home screen of the diminutive puck.

Watchever is similar to Hulu, offering German, European and international TV series and movies. For €8.99 a month, the service provides a choice of German-dubbed versions of international movies or the originals. Like Netflix, Watchever makes recommendations of TV shows and movies that may be interesting to you. The service is new; it was launched by Vivendi earlier this month.

Other subscription-based apps currently gracing the screens of Apple TV owners include the MLB, NBA and NHL apps in the US. Provided that Apple has worked up a deal with Vivendi to split revenues from Watchever on the Apple TV, similar on-demand subscriptions services could end up being a significant source of income for Apple.

German Apple TV users can reboot their Apple TVs to gain the Watchever icon.

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