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CES: Moshi shows off the Ion Bank battery pack, and other new wares for 2013


Moshi is back on the floor of CES this year in Las Vegas, and the accessory manufacturer kindly took a few moments to show us the latest and greatest for 2013. As you might imagine, the biggest innovation in the overall lineup is the Lightning adapter: Moshi's rep told us that the company has been working hard to try and pass all of the certifications necessary for Apple's new cable format, but it hasn't been a quick journey.

Nevertheless, Lightning is coming for Moshi, and it's hoping to include that tech in a brand-new power pack, called the Ion Bank. The pack, which should arrive sometime in the second quarter of 2013, is designed to provide up to 10,000 mAh of power to your iOS device, which Moshi says is about four charges on an iPhone, or two and half on the iPad. The Ion Bank uses a lithium-polymer battery, too, so it's a very high quality build, matched with a very stylish exterior of aluminum. The Bank hasn't been officially priced yet, but it should be around US$100, according to Moshi, when it launches this year.

Moshi's also offering a new version of its memory card reader, called the Cardette. Version 3 of the reader will feature USB 3.0 capabilities, along with slots of all of the usual memory cards you need to read. The Cardette version 3 should also be available in a month or two, and it'll start out at $49.99.

Finally, Moshi told us that the company's Thunderbolt cables are also on the way soon -- like Lightning, the company has taken its time on getting them through all of the necessary certification processes, but they're almost ready. The cables will include the generation 2 chip, which is the latest and greatest from Apple's production lines, and should be available for $49 in six to eight more weeks, we were told.

Moshi's been making accessories and cases for quite a while now, and they don't skimp on quality one bit. We'll keep an eye out for these later on this year.

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