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    Daily iPhone app: iFile Browser

    Mel Martin

    iFile Browser is a handle little US$2.99 utility for iOS. It lets you access, organize and edit files that are stored on your iOS device or a file that is in the cloud, either stored on iCloud or Dropbox.

    Once the app is set up, you can view and edit any document, even if iOS doesn't natively support that file type. Cut and copy utilities let you take out, move and add to any doc. Files can be renamed, and can be compressed and uncompressed in .zip, .rar and .tar formats. Photos can be viewed inside the app, and MP3 files will play. If you tap an email attachment in Mail, you have the option to import and open it into iFile Browser. From there, it can go the iCloud or Dropbox.

    Files can be shared via email using your contacts list, and the app supports printing through AirPrint to an appropriate device.

    iFile Browser is a handy little app. In my tests, it worked as advertised and was easy to figure out, but a 4-page printable help file is included. While you can copy, delete and paste material from documents, you can't directly edit them. I mailed myself a Pages document, and had to move it to Pages itself to actually edit, rather than just copy and paste. Basic text editing would be a nice addition to this app.

    Think of iFile Browser as a hub for information you have locally and in the cloud. It's a very straightforward approach to file management, and I recommend you take a look if you have need of its capabilities.

    iFile Browser is a universal app and requires iOS 6. It is optimized for the iPhone 5 screen.

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