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Double Fine requests paperwork in THQ bankruptcy, auction details posted


The bidding procedures for assets in the THQ bankruptcy have been posted, along with a mention that Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions has requested some documents from the case. The Distressed Debt Investing Twitter feed – which has been a solid source on the proceedings – mentioned Double Fine was checking things out. It was previously reported Warner Bros. and Electronic Arts were also sniffing about.

Before going to bed tonight with dreams of Double Fine making the next Darksiders game, let's tap the brakes here for two seconds. Any company with half a brain (and a couple million laying around) right now is looking at THQ, especially since the assets of the company will be split up if the individual pieces receive bids more than the whole. So, while the big dogs fight for Saints Row and other similarly large properties, a smaller company could take a... oh, a Homeworld? Perhaps a franchise that won't continue "in any meaningful way" like Red Faction?

Double Fine and THQ had a relationship in producing Costume Quest and Stacking, although it's unclear who owns the actual intellectual property (we're following up). If you're interested and have the cash, feel free to read the bidding procedures. Bids are due January 22, 2013, by 9AM Eastern.

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