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Original Alien Breed infests PS3 and Vita early next month


Team 17 is bringing retro run-and-gun to PS3 and Vita with a PSN re-release of Alien Breed in early February. The British developer, better known for putting armaments in the (supposed) hands of invertebrates, first released this top-down shooter on the good old Amiga in 1991, the game inspired heavily by a certain big screen franchise.

The PSN re-release features cross-platform multiplayer between Vita and PS3, as well as ad-hoc/local and online co-op on respective platforms. New packs Convergence, Valiance, and Synergy bring up the total level count to 30, there's the option to play with original or enhanced visuals, and leaderboards are there for those who are competitive when it comes to extraterrestrial carnage.

Team 17 resurrected the Alien Breed franchise after over a decade with the downloadable isometric shooter Evolution in 2009, and that was soon followed by two sequel episodes. The original Alien Breed then came to iOS in August 2012, and Team 17 is now telling fans to "watch this space" for an announcement of an Android release.

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