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'Chubby Kings' trademark filed by Ubisoft

Jordan Mallory

Ubisoft has filed trademarks in both Europe and the U.S. for something called Chubby Kings, which we can safely infer from both filings' category designations is definitely a video game of some kind, though whether it's planned for console, mobile and/or handheld is indeterminate as this juncture.

The Chubby Kings trademark registers the game as potential media for everything from CD-ROMs and PDAs through technologies that aren't completely obsolete, so who knows. What we're most interested in, however, is exactly what purpose the adjective "chubby" serves in this sense. Are these regular kings that are also chubby? Perhaps the kings themselves are of average build, but rule over a kingdom of chubby denizens? These are important distinctions.

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