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Analyst: For every 20 iPads sold during the holidays, Microsoft sold one Surface tablet


If you've watched any amount of television in the past month or so, you've probably seen plenty of ads for the Microsoft Surface tablet. But while the brightly colored keyboards and techno music of the advertisements might be inseparable from your must-see TV time, the device itself isn't nearly as present in homes. Business Insider reports UBS analyst Brent Thill puts sales of the Surface at just 1 million in Q4 2012, which is roughly 5 percent of estimated iPad sales for the quarter.

Thill notes that the iPad is partly to blame for the Surface's lack of impact, as well as a less-than-optimal distribution model on the part of Microsoft. Apple, for its part, is estimate to have sold as many as 26 million iPads during the same time period, taking into account both full-sized and iPad mini models.

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