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Car crashes into Chicago-area Apple store

At approximately 6:30 PM local time on Sunday, January 13, a car crashed through the glass walls of the Lincoln Park Apple Store in Chicago, Ill. The dark-colored Lincoln Town Car was reportedly driven by an elderly individual, according to The Chicago Tribune. The car smashed through the store's glass walls and then came to a stop about five feet inside, near a display holding headphones an other accessories.

At first, no one was reported hurt; paramedics were later called back to the scene, however, to treat an individual who was later taken to a local hospital. Right now there are no reports as to why the crash occurred, but "smash and grab" theft does not appear to be a motivation. The crash happened approximately 30 minutes before the store's scheduled close on Sunday. There's no word yet on whether the store will be closed due the accident today, although it seems likely.

(Photo via @ericingrum)

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