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Diablo III lays out the welcome mat for patch 1.0.7 testing


You know that good feeling from an all-around patch that fills gaps, patches up broken supports, and leaves you with a stronger structure? Prepare to feel that when Diablo III's 1.0.7 comes to town. Currently the patch is in testing, although Blizzard has posted the contents of this "kitchen sink" update.

One of Patch 1.0.7's chief features is the addition of a dueling zone to the game. This anything-goes, just-for-fun area is called the Scorched Chapel, and it's there that groups of two to four people can hang out and go all fight club on each other. While dueling has neither score nor rewards, the studio figures people might want to do it just for the fun factor.

Other improvements coming with 1.0.7 include tweaks to Wizards and Monks, more crafting recipes, an increase to the amount of XP that the monster power system produces in Inferno mode, and an end to the increasing resurrection timer for consecutive deaths.

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