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'Ultimate' Far Cry, Splinter Cell bundles spotted on UK retail site


UK retailer GAME has listings for an Ultimate Far Cry Compilation and something called Ultimate Splinter Cell, each with tentative release dates of 2013. The Far Cry compilation is priced at £40 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and £30 for PC, and Splinter Cell comes in PC flavor only, for £30. The product listings don't provide any extra details and there is so far no word of any similar bundles existing on US shores.

Tomorrow Far Cry 3 gets a dose of free DLC exclusively for the PS3, with the High Tides co-op expansion. We thought Far Cry 3 had "excellent, explicit design" and it taught us the dangers of trusting in goats, which is probably the most important lesson we've ever gleaned from a game.

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