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EVE Online gets 'ambitious' in 2013


Strap yourselves in: EVE Online is pushing the threshold in 2013, and there's no looking back. Two producer's letters today from the game attempt to outline the goodness coming for the game and its players in the coming months.

Executive Producer Jon Lander puts it all on the line with his letter: "I think it is time to be a little more ambitious. Nothing crazy or away from the core spaceship game that is EVE, but something more inspiring for everyone." It's this ambition that's driving him and the team to produce "compelling themes" for future content that will take place across all of the game's systems.

There's also a letter from new Senior Producer Andie Nordgren, who is now in charge of the product vision and roadmap for the game. Nordgren says that the team will create content for both "instigators" and "enablers" of sandbox fun, but the big priority for CCP is gearing up for the themed summer expansion.

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