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The Secret World offers snazzy game apparel [Updated]


It's often seemed unfair that we were able to dress up our characters in The Secret World with all manner of fashionable attire and yet couldn't be that cool in real life. That's about to change, as Funcom's partnered up with to offer a line of official TSW gear.

As you might expect, t-shirts make up a bulk of the store's offerings. These include straight-forward logos of the game's factions as well as humorous mock-ups of in-game places. Fans of the Innsmouth Academy can now register for classes with an official hoodie of this fictitious school, and there are two messenger bags that would be perfect for toting your homework around.

[Update: WeLoveFine has pointed out for us more TSW goodies, including two posters designed by Steve Thomas. The company also promises to add more women's tees (thanks for that!). If you decide to pick up some goodies, use MASSIVETLYTSW when you check out to snag a 20% discount. No, we don't get anything if you do, but you get to spend less money. Win/win.]

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