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10000000 now available on Mac via Steam


10000000 (pronounced "10 million") is a great game that arrived on iOS last year. It combines a tile-based swiping puzzle game with a fantasy-based progression system to create a very addictive mix. The game is still available on iOS for US$1.99, but Eighty-Eight Games has now made the leap over to the desktop, releasing the app on Steam for both Windows and Mac.

As you can see in this trailer, the PC version of the game is similar to the Mac version, and contains all of the various dungeon upgrades and puzzle action that the original is known for. Eighty-Eight tells us that Valve came to them and asked about a Steam release after the success of the iOS version, which resulted in the port that's available right now. There's no Mac App Store version, unfortunately, but getting the game for both Windows and Mac on Steam Play should make up for that.

Currently, the title is having a launch sale, so you can pick it up for a dollar off, or just $3.99. If you missed this game on iOS (or just love it so much that you want to play it again), Steam's got you covered.

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