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About that Google malware warning...


During the last 24 hours or so, many TUAW readers catching up on the latest Apple news have seen something similar to the warning above when they go to "Page 2" of the site, which is accessed by clicking the Older Articles link at the bottom of the TUAW home page. We are definitely aware of the issue, and staff at our parent company AOL are working on resolving the issue.

There is no malware on the TUAW site, and the issue appears to be been caused by code associated with an advertisement. At the present time, we ask for your patience as the issue gets resolved, and apologize for the inconvenience and concern the warning message may have caused.

Your best defense at this time? Don't click the Older Articles link and you won't see the message. We'll let you know when the problem is fixed. If you were one of the many readers who emailed us to report the issue, thank you.

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