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Breakfast Topic: Do you use the WoW Mobile Armory?


How close to your heart do you keep World of Warcraft -- as in, say, your chest pocket? You've probably heard passing tell of one or more of its features, but you might not have realized how many ways the Mobile Armory offers to keep you in touch. View your character profile and search for others with the character profile function. Access most auction house functions via the Remote Auction House, including web access from your computer. Log in to guild chat via your mobile device, and keep up with the in-game calendar, guildmate and friend event invitations, and guild news.

There's also a mobile login authenticator for many mobile devices. And come BlizzCon time, Blizzard releases a handy app with full schedules and event locations.

So whenever we spy you away from your keyboard, with head down and thumbs flying on your smartphone, should we expect that you might still be plugged in to your precious game world? If you're a WoW Mobile Armory fan, what part do you use most? Or if you're not a fan of this free service, why not?

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