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Choose My Adventure: Back into the cave I go

Karen Bryan

Time for another turn at Choose My Adventure! It's been a while since my last turn at doing this column, but it certainly was memorable. Halfway through my six-week tour of Pirates of the Burning Sea, SOE was attacked by hackers and sent offline, leaving my pirate in drydock for quite some time. Hopefully this time around, things will be a bit smoother.

One thing I'm particularly interested in this time around is getting to know not only the game but the community. Usually one of the first things people ask about a title they're considering playing is what the community is like. I explore a variety of guild and community related topics in my weekly column, so it seems natural to do the same during my adventure.

So what will it be, Massively readers? Will I spin my own tale in the desert? Hang around with Poochums? Take a journey to Middle-earth? I look forward to your votes!


This is one of those MMOs I always intended to play but somehow never ended up trying. It might be 12 years old, but with its recent graphics update and Beau's recent endorsement as best browser game of 2012, I'm definitely eager to check it out.

Warhammer Online

I never got on the bandwagon for this game, even at the fever pitch hype that was surrounding it. But now, I'm actually intrigued by it because I want to meet the community of players who have stuck with the game long after the initial rush subsided.


I did get on the bandwagon for this game, big-time, and stuck with it despite the fact it was bleeding subs, laggy to all hell, and devoid of quality content past level 35 for far too long. I love Vanguard, still dabble with it here and there, and would love to really dive back in and revisit one of my favorite worlds. There have been a lot of changes recently to the game, and I'm curious to talk to some of the vets on how things are going.

Lord of the Rings Online

I tried LotRO a few times and never really planted roots. If this wins out, that will be my goal, although I fear I'll be tasked with playing a Hobbit for this adventure.

Clone Wars Adventures

OK, OK, I'll include the obligatory Lucas-endorsed, space-fantasy, jedi-themed, space-on-rails, free-to-play MMO. No, not that one; Shawn just covered it! I'm talking about Clone Wars Adventures. You didn't think I'd go without including one family-friendly title did you?

Dragon Nest

Poochums! That dominated the livestream I did with Jeremy back when the game first launched. And I want to salute my former co-host by including it in the lineup. The two of us only skimmed the surface when it first went live, but if it's selected, I look forward to many high-powered battles, and this time, I won't have to worry about Jeremy getting all the loot!

A Tale in the Desert

Since I'm looking to really explore communities during my adventure, it only makes sense to include A Tale in the Desert. I love this game for what it's not, and based on its showing during the last poll, there seem to be many who are also fans.

Time to vote! Remember, this isn't a popularity contest; this is your chance to vote on which game I will be playing and writing about for the next six weeks, so make it count! Polls close Sunday night.
Join Karen on an adventure of your choosing! She's used to calling the shots, but in this Choose My Adventure, she's putty in your hands and ready to follow your whim. It's up to you to chart her course and join in on the fun! Follow Karen on Twitter for playtimes and updates, and come back each week to decide her fate.

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