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Persona 4 Arena inches toward EU release


Persona 4 Arena may finally be forthcoming in Europe after Zen United, its distributor across the continent, revealed today that it's taken delivery of the PS3 version, with the Xbox 360 version expected to arrive shortly.

Posting on Facebook, Zen said once both versions of the fighter are in its possession, it can provide a "likely release window." Zen will then announce a release date once the game's been submitted to and approved by Sony and Microsoft.

What today's news hopefully represents is the beginning to the end of a long saga for P4A in Europe. Originally scheduled for August 31 last year, the game was delayed before Zen announced it wasn't going to arrive in 2012. Those delays shone the spotlight further on publisher Atlus' decision to region-lock P4A, a decision preventing European fans from importing a game which has now been out in Japan and North America for around half a year.

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