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SWTOR wants to hug every cat-person, including Aric Jorgan


BioWare is reviving its in-depth look at Star Wars: The Old Republic by hosting a look at the grumpiest of Cathar, Aric Jorgan. Jorgan stars in the latest Companions 101 as the author takes a closer look at what makes this Trooper sidekick tick.

Jorgan's personality and history are up front and center in the article, although it does devolve into the issue of personal relationships. As one of the potential romances of SWTOR, Jorgan's has a gruff personality that needs a little finessing to get past. The article gives a few pointers for wooing Jorgan as well as an overview of how he feels about the other companions on the team.

BioWare's also included a look at Jorgan's different visual options and a couple of cool wallpapers if you don't have enough grumpy cats on your computer monitor already.

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