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Apple sued by Russian Railways for trademark infringment

Readers may remember when Apple was sued by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) over its unauthorized use of the iconic SBB clock in its iPad Clock app. Apple and SSB eventually worked out a licensing agreement and the lawsuit was dropped. Now, however, Apple is being sued by another railway company.

Russian Railways is seeking up to US$65,000 from Apple for the unauthorized use of its logo in Railway Tariff, a third-party app sold in the App Store, according to RiaNovosti. The app allows users to track cargo delivery costs and times in Russia.

Apple has yet to issue a comment on the latest lawsuit, however it does appear that the company can be legally liable for any copyright infringements of apps in its curated App Store. RT notes that in 2009, Apple was sued by Cartier for using its logo without its permission. Cartier dropped the lawsuit after Apple removed the offending third-party apps from the App Store.

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