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Dustforce devs announce FPS 'Spire'


Hitbox Team, the developer behind Dustforce, has revealed its next project, a first-person shooter entitled Spire (not to be confused with the other indie FPS, The Spire). The game sees players doing their best to ascend a mysterious tower. "The internals of the tower are ever-changing," according to the team, and the game will be different every time, challenging players to "climb as high as possible."

Levels will be procedurally generated, though Hitbox designer Woodley Nye promises that they won't be merely random, and instead be "generated with intention." As an example, after creating an intense combat scenario, the generator "might think to then generate a scene with lower intensity to better control the emotional arc of the experience."

Furthermore, while the game has a fantasy setting, Hitbox is promising creatures and items outside of the familiar "goblins and elves" tropes we're all used to. Instead, enemies and items will be "strange and unexpected." Gameplay mechanics too, will be different than standard FPS games, using tricks inspired by Dustforce, such as jumping and sliding on walls.

Players will be able to generate random Spires for offline play, while the community will fight to dominate the leaderboards via a shared weekly Spire. Nye didn't offer a release window, saying only that Hitbox is "well into the development of Spire."

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