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Super Joystiq Podcast 035 Live: Devil May Cry, GTA 5 wishlist [Watch the recap!]


Update: The live segment is over. Watch the recorded video segment above and listen to the entire episode tomorrow!

We're inviting ourselves into your screens once again with a live video recording of the Super Joystiq Podcast. Join the fun right here as we create a Grand Theft Auto 5 wishlist based on our recent experiences with Grand Theft Auto 4, its mods and Saints Row: The Third. Also, the first big games of 2013 are here, and they're making a splash; we kick off the year with (a defense of) DMC: Devil May Cry.

Join in the discussion live by leaving comments right here, rather than on the YouTube page. The audio will be available in its standard, no-face podcast form on Friday, and once the show is over this segment will live on as a YouTube video. Joystiq, helping expand your podcast horizons since 2013.

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