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Five apps to add style, substance and snapshots to your social endeavors


Are your social profiles too numerous to count? Do you get caught up reading other people's status updates for hours? Would you shudder if you couldn't post to Facebook or Twitter? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you need to check out our five socially oriented apps below.

Tweetfier [OS X, US$1.99]

Tweetifier is a simple OS X app that keeps track of your mentions and followers on Twitter. It's meant for users who want to keep track of conversations without having to launch a full Twitter client.

Whims [iPhone, Free]

Add some flair to your status updates, posts, texts and messages with Whims. The tool includes a variety of beautiful fonts so your style can shine through your words.

Stitch It! [iPhone, $0.99]

Stitch It! is a screenshot stitcher app that lets you compile your text messages into one seamless image. Capture your entire conversation and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or your blog.

PicIT24 [iPhone, Free]

PicIT24 is for the social sharer who wants to make the most of their post. The app limits you to one update per day, so you can really capture the heart of the moment and not just spew drivel all day.

Friend Check [iPhone, $0.99]

Friend Check lets you track new friends and see which friends no longer follow you. Besides the day-to-day stats, Friend Check also provides snapshots so you can look back at your relationships at a certain point in time and reminisce about that time.

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