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PSN maintenance extended through to Friday AM in NA, evening in EU [updates]


The PlayStation Network maintenance listed for yesterday in North America is extended through to this morning, with no set time given for its completion. Meanwhile, the downtime in Europe is expected to last until 6.30 PM GMT. The downtime was scheduled from 4PM to 4AM GMT in Europe, and from 8AM to 8PM PT in North America.

The @PlayStation account tweeted late last night, "Though estimated to end at 8pm tonight, maintenance has been extended to tomorrow AM. Updates as we get them."

This morning, the @PlayStationEU account announced, "Unfortunately scheduled PSN maintenance has over-run. The service is not expected to return until 18.30GMT. Apologies for the inconvenience."

Update: The completion of PSN maintenance in Europe is now delayed until 10PM GMT. As @PlayStationEU tweets, "Apologies for the inconvenience, but we are now not expecting PSN maintenance to conclude until around 10.00pm GMT."

Update 2: A PlayStation Knowledge Center update says PSN maintenance in North America is now scheduled to end tonight at around 9PM PT.

Update 3: So much for that. PSN downtime in Europe is now extended through to Saturday morning. @PlayStationEU tweets: "Unfortunately PSN maintenance is still underway and service is now not expected to resume before tomorrow morning. We'll update again soon."

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