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Vendetta using Kickstarter to fund new expansion, iOS client

Jef Reahard

There's no shortage of sandbox MMO projects on Kickstarter these days, but how would you feel about a fundraiser for a game that's been live since 2002?

That's the reality for Vendetta Online, as Guild Software has just announced a new pledge drive to help the game conquer Apple's iPad platform. Vendetta is already playable on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and WinRT (and all of those space pilots play seamlessly on the same server, too), so Guild's next goal is integrating iOS users into its sprawling space-based sandbox.

"We'll be thrilled to bring our intense brand of multiplayer space gaming to the iPad family of devices," says John Bergman, Guild CEO. "Our game offers a seamless transition between desktop and mobile, so players can easily switch back and forth between their iPad and their Mac without limitation."

If successful, the game's Kickstarter project will also help fund a major expansion, which promises "enhanced player-owned capital ships and territorial conquest." Vendetta is a subscription-based MMO that features twitch-based space combat, extensive mining, trading, and exploration options, and a player-generated content system. You can check out an eight-minute gameplay video after the break, then head to the official website to sign up for a free trial.

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