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God of War: Ascension single-player demo coming late February [Update: multiplayer beta open to all this weekend]


A "full-fledged" single-player demo for God of War: Ascension is coming in late February, according to a recent PlayStation blog. With the multiplayer beta scheduled to end next week, fans only have the above 30-second teaser trailer to watch for the next month in preparation for the game's March 12 release date.

Unless you bought the Total Recall remake film on Blu-ray of course, which came with the E3 single-player demo that is exclusive through 3/8/13. While we'd assume those are two different demos by virtue of February and March being two different months, we've contacted Sony to be sure.

Update: God of War: Ascension's closed multiplayer beta testing initiative is officially open to all PSN users for the duration of the holiday weekend, Sony has informed us. Get in on that action by clicking here.

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