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Follow the Presidential inauguration with the official Inaugural 2013 app

Earlier today, Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term as the 44th president of the United States. Although the public inaugural is Monday, legally the President is installed by 12 noon on January 20; when that date lands on a Sunday, the swearing-in is done twice, with the second public event as a ceremonial repeat of the private but legal oath.

If you want to follow along with all the inauguration news, check out the official Inaugural 2013 iPhone app.

The app, produced by AT&T, will offer a live stream of all the ceremony's events. The app also gives you up to the minute news, interactive maps, and a breakdown of the various venues that are hosting inauguration celebrations and ceremonies.

One bit of POTUS trivia: this inauguration will be the fourth time President Obama has been sworn in as President of the United States, matching Franklin D. Roosevelt's record. Though Roosevelt was elected four times and Obama only twice, President Obama had to be sworn in twice at the beginning of his first term of office in 2009; Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed a line in the oath. In that year, one day after the official inauguration, President Obama was sworn in again with the properly-worded oath.

Inaugural 2013 is a free download from the App Store.

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