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DK Online charges into open beta

MJ Guthrie

After two months in closed beta, DK Online has opened its testing doors to everyone who wants to get in on the action. Now whether you prefer the style of the mighty Warrior, the subversive Shadowmage, the righteous Paladin, or the fire-flinging Sorceress, you can take on the role of a Dragon Knight to battle against the encroaching evil of Dark Knight Nox.

Along with open doors, this beta is bringing two new castles to fight for, a new level cap of 42, plenty of new monsters, a skills revamp, and the new land of Emtlant for players to explore. Aeria Games is also hosting a number of events during this time, such as GM hide and seek, a scavenger hunt, and a large-scale invasion. For more details on the events and to download the game, visit the official site.

[Thanks to Ville for the tip!]

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