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Take a trip in the Wayback Machine to the WoW website circa 2003

Michael Sacco

WoW has been out for so long that it's actually a little difficult to remember a time when it wasn't out, but a little trip in the Wayback Machine proves that, yes, WoW was not yet released in 2003. You can check out the original World of Warcraft website, complete with six (not eight) races, six (not nine) classes, and screenshots of areas that no longer exist on this archived version.

I remember looking at this version of the site that year, checking out screenshots and forum threads, getting excited when all of the possible hunter pets were revealed and wanting to make one because they could "dual wield" -- which I thought meant they could dual-wield guns, not one-handed weapons. Needless to say I was disappointed later. I've never rolled a hunter.

Can you believe that at one point we got excited about knowing what kind of spiders we'd be fighting? It truly was a different time. Now we get excited over what kind of dinosaurs we'll be fighting.

(Thanks to r/wow for digging this up.)

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