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Did Ghostcrawler just hint at a major new and unannounced MoP feature?

We're not at all sure what to make of Ghostcrawler's tweet today:

Ghostcrawler's known for his sense of humor/wit, so he might be trolling everyone. Then again, he's pretty careful when it comes to public statements, and rarely makes comments like this. He's played coy when talking about specifics of previously announced expansion, but to dodge (sort of) a directed question like this raises an eyebrow.

In a follow up tweet to "@Ghostcrawler @RikkiReeves A rip in the time space continuum leading to the eventual merging of Starcraft and Warcraft. #Titan," Ghostcrawler replies "@Originaljkz We could call it Craftcraft." This seems to be him just joking around, unlike his more definitive statement above.

We spent some time the last couple days looking at things that haven't come, things we never thought would come, things that were, and even stuff some of us would like to see return.

What does crustacean have up his sleeve? Your guess is as good as ours.

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