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Google+ comes to Mountain View employment listings, lets you submit applications with fewer clicks

Zach Honig

There's no doubt that Google recruiters have their hands full -- the company's lust-worthy salaries and legendary benefits have convinced many of the world's best and brightest to make the move to Mountain View -- but a new application enhancement could mean even more work for the talent acquisition team. Assuming you're signed into your Google account, you'll now be prompted to have your name, contact information, education and employment history filled in automatically, based on data in your Google+ account. Experience with the company's social media service may not be required to land a job at Google HQ, but it probably wouldn't hurt your chances -- if nothing else, it'll streamline the application process a bit. Head on over to the source link below to check out some current openings, and, if you're feeling lucky, link your profile and hit submit.

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