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Kantar: Apple's smartphone OS still the top selling in US for last quarter of 2012

Brian Heater

Kantar's numbers for the final quarter of last year are in, and things are still looking peachy for Apple in the US smartphone market. According to the research firm, Cupertino scored 51.2-percent of smartphone sales in the states for the quarter, which drew to a close two days before Christmas. The second and third place entrants are the same as well, with Android at 44.4-percent and Microsoft's mobile version of Windows at 2.6-percent sales. On the carrier side, AT&T scored exactly a third of smartphone sales, with Verizon close before at 32-percent, according to to Kantar's numbers. Sprint, meanwhile, is in third with less than half of that number at 14.8-percent. More results can be found in the source link.

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