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Apple not sure it can meet iMac demand this quarter

It's no secret that Apple has been having difficulty meeting demand for some of its key products as of late, something that directly corresponded to a 17% drop in Mac sales for the first quarter of 2013. Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned during today's earning call that while the company will finally meet demand for iPad mini in Q2, things aren't quite so certain for either model of the late 2012 iMac.

"We believe we can achieve a supply/demand balance on iPad mini during this quarter and on iPhone 4 during this quarter," Cook said. "On iMac, we're confident that we're going to significantly increase the supply, but the demand here is very strong and we are not certain that we'll achieve a supply/demand balance during the quarter." According to Cook, supply of iPhone 5 has finally met demand, but it didn't happen until late in Q1.

Despite the "significant shortages," Cook still seemed pleased with how Apple handled its many Q1 product launches. "I think overall our team did just a fantastic job of ramping a record number of new products during the quarter," he said.

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