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hipKey Proximity Sensor helps find your lost keys, children

Ever lose your keys? I know, stupid question. Everyone loses their keys from time to time. It's maddening when you know they are just "somewhere right around here." Or worse, have you ever lost your iPad? Or a purse? If any of this is familiar to you, the hipKey proximity sensor might just be for you.

The device attaches to your keys, children, backpack, purse or other valuables. Its counterpart app lives on your iOS device. If, for instance, you have the hipKey attached to your purse and you leave the house without it, the iPhone app will alert you that you've left the proximity of your purse. Or, if you have the hipKey on you and you've misplaced your iPhone, press the locate button on the hipKey and its iPhone app will beep, alerting you to its presence. Further, you can attach the hipKey to your child and set a proximity area. If you child wanders outside of that area you'll be alerted to it.

As you can see, the hipKey has a myriad array of uses. It quickly sold out in Europe when it went on sale in December, but now the device is available again in Apple's online store in Europe and, for the first time, in the US. hipKey is US$90.

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