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New DCUO trailer highlights the mainframe feature

DC Universe Online understands that everyone, even mighty superheroes and dastardly supervillains, needs a place to call home. Home Turf, the upcoming DLC pack, will introduce custom player housing. Players will be able to pick from a variety of themes and hundreds of items to create a hidey hole that's unique to their tastes. As well as being a good place to plan operations and bask in the warm afterglow of success, players' bases will also be the site of 1:1 PvP matches. Nobody's Secret Sanctuary or Ha-Ha-Hacienda is perfectly safe, though: Player housing will include a "new combat dimension" to keep folks on their toes.

What's at the heart of every dark lair and secret refuge? Why, the mainframe of course! Skip below the cut to get a video introduction to Home Turf's mainframe feature.

[Source: SOE press release]

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