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Report: THQ assets divided


The THQ auction has resulted in the company's assets being distributed among several publishers.
  • Developer Volition and the Saints Row franchise, along with the Metro license, have been purchased by Dead Island publisher Deep Silver.
  • Relic Games (Warhammer 40K, Company of Heroes) has gone to Sega.
  • The South Park game and THQ Montreal have been purchased by Ubisoft.
  • Take-Two Interactive has purchased Evolve.
Vigil and other unnamed THQ properties not included in the sale will "remain part of the chapter 11 case," and THQ will look for buyers. According to a letter sent to employees, "If you are an employee of an entity that is not included in the sale, we regret that your position will end."

Update 2:Official court documents of THQ bid winners with prices, along with runners-up.

Update: DDinvesting reports THQ auction results:
  • $500k Homefront (Crytek)
  • $26M for Relic (Sega)
  • $2.5M for THQ Montreal (Ubisoft)
  • $3.2M for South Park (Ubisoft)
  • $11M for Evolve (Take-Two)
  • $22.3M for Volition (Koch Media)
  • $5.8M for Metro (Koch Media)

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