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Ghost Recon Online takes it to the sea in update 0.10.0


Ghost Recon Online's latest patch drops a new map, new game mode and a clan match feature into the free-to-play title, along with general house cleaning and fixes. Patch 0.10.0 hit yesterday, at the same time as the Triton avatar pack, which boasts naval-themed avatars.

The new mode, Holdout, sees teams race to a single capture point and attempt to defend it until the end of the match. Balaklava Sub-Pen, the update's new map, was designed specifically for Holdout rounds. It's a symmetrical, compact area inspired by a secret underground submarine facility in Ukraine that was operational until 1933. Clan Matches build upon the implementation of October's Clan feature, allowing players to set up matches against other clans.

The Triton pack offers new helmets and armor vests, upgraded weapons and seaborne avatars. The Triton pack will be available for a limited time, during January only. Take a closer look at the Ghost Recon Online update below.

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LONDON, UK – January 23, 2013 – Today, Ubisoft® announced the release of the 0.10.0 update for its free-to-play PC shooter Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online®. This latest game update brings a host of new content, including the Holdout game mode, the Balaklava Sub Pen map and the Clan Match feature, as well as several game service improvements and fixes. The 0.10.0 update coincides with the release of the new Triton Pack featuring naval-themed avatars, weapons and armour.

Holdout Game Mode
The teamwork, tactics, and strategies of players will be tested in the newest game mode for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online®. In the Holdout game mode, both teams will contend over a single capture point set in the middle of the map. Take control of the point, and defend it until the round ends to emerge victorious. With shorter round timers, and both teams converging on a single capture point, players can expect fierce and frantic firefights in Holdout.

Balaklava Sub Pen Map
Designed specifically for the new Holdout mode, the Balaklava Sub Pen map is inspired by the formerly classified, underground submarine facility in Ukraine that was operational until 1993.
Symmetrical and compact in design, with only one capture point, the map gives players of all skill levels plenty of opportunities to jump into the fight and start having fun right away. The map offers a lot of depth with multiple strategic areas and approaches to the capture point – whether it be the folding bridge that offers an elevated vantage point, or the tunnel entrances that provide flanking opportunities.

Triton Pack
Complementing the naval theme of the new map is the new Triton Pack. Players will be able to outfit their Ghosts in brand-new helmets and armor vests, equip them with upgraded weapons, and personalize their profile with custom avatars. The Triton Pack will only be available for a limited time throughout the month of January.

Clan Matches
Following up from the introduction of the Clan feature a few months ago (October 2012), which gave players the opportunity to create and join clans, players will now be able set up custom matches against other clans.

Form a squad from your own clan mates, pick a map of your choice, and send out a challenge to your rival clans – it's time for all the GRO clans to show off their skills and find out who is the best.
According to Theo Sanders, the game's Producer:
"We're really excited about the 0.10.0 update. The Holdout mode and the Balaklava Sub Pen map offer new tactical challenges and experiences to the community, and decking out your Ghost in the new Triton gear makes them look awesome."
"We're also keeping our promise to the community with the introduction of the Clan Match feature. Fighting alongside your clan mates and friends, challenging another clan; social competition is such an integral part of the GRO experience, and this feature goes a long way towards fueling this experience."

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