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Google applies for license to build experimental wireless network at Mountain View


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Google's learned quite a lot about internet provision through its wired Fiber service, and now it appears to be preparing a localized wireless network. El Goog has solicited the FCC for a license to build an "experimental radio service" at its Mountain View lair, which uses bands that current consumer devices don't. As the WSJ notes, Google's old buddy Clearwire holds the keys to the 2524-2625MHz range it'll occupy, and wireless networks using these frequencies are currently under construction in China, Brazil and Japan. The initial hub for the service is planned to be within the building that houses the Google Fiber team -- perfect fuel for speculation that big G wants to create its own network (possibly in cahoots with Dish), and one that's not confined to its HQ. Right now, it's just a document, so we'll have to wait and see how this develops. Even if it ends up going nowhere, it's not like the search behemoth doesn't have the money to flirt with whatever it wants.

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