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Peugeot promises fuel-saving Hybrid Air system in cars by 2016


It's far from the first automaker to attempt a car that runs on compressed air, but Peugeot Citroen is now touting a new system that it says could be available in at least some of its small cars by 2016. As suggested by the "Hybrid Air" moniker, this system doesn't run solely on air -- it also incorporates a traditional gasoline engine that Peugeot promises will combine for a 90 percent increase in vehicle range in urban driving, or offer up to 50 minutes of driving without using any gas. The gas engine would kick in more often during highway driving, putting the overall fuel savings at around 35 percent. As Peugeot notes, this system is just one step towards its goal of a car that gets 2L/100KM (or 117 miles per gallon), which it hopes to achieve by 2020. You can get a quick overview of the Hybrid Air system in the video after the break.

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