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Runmeter takes to the cloud with version 9, boasts one million paid users


Runmeter is my personal favorite running app -- it's a great, in-depth way to track your runs, or any other cardio exercise you might do. Today, the company behind it, Abvio, announced Runmeter version 9, which will add both iPad support and support for iCloud, meaning that user data will now be stored on Apple's backup service. Runmeter's latest version will also support Facebook's new Open Graph, and workouts can be shared via the company's website as well. And finally, the app adds lots of support for power meters, which cyclists can use to track their workouts and then share that information with others as well.

It sounds like a great update to a fine app, and it should be available on the App Store soon. Runmeter (or Cyclemeter or Walkmeter, which are all essentially the same app, though are targeted at different types of exercises) is available on the App Store for $4.99 right now, and the update will be free to current users. In addition to revealing the update, Abvio also shared that Runmeter has reached a full million paid users, which makes Runmeter one of the most popular apps on the App Store, in the health and fitness category, or anywhere else.

Abvio also usually makes an appearance at Macworld every year, so we'll look forward to chatting with them about Runmeter when that show starts in San Francisco next week. Stay tuned!

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