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Apple rejects Samsung request to see iOS 6 source code


In the never-ending global legal battle between Apple and Samsung, the Korean electronics firm has been rebuffed by Apple in an attempt to see the source code for iOS 6.

According to The Korea Times, Samsung argues that unless they have access to the source code, they won't know if iOS 6 infringes on its technology patents. Apple's legal representatives apparently called the demand "insane," with a Seoul Central District Court representative recalling an Apple lawyer as saying, "It doesn't make any sense. Samsung is saying that we should give up protecting our most important data."

What Samsung is most interested in looking at is whether Apple infringed on its patents when iOS acquired Notification Center. As iOS users are aware, Notification Center lets users check status of things like messages, schedules and weather information by swiping down from the top of a screen.

Samsung says they originally patented that feature in November of 2006, and put the feature into Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets before Apple did. The court hasn't yet decided whether to accept Samsung's request to see the source code.

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