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Terraria comes to consoles in February, dusts off this new content


Terraria digs into XBLA and PSN in February, 505 Games' YouTube description on the above video reveals. The video itself shows off the brand-new content coming to the console versions, which we heard hints of back when the only release window was "early 2013."

The console version of Terraria will include new controls (shocking), a world map and a new tutorial, armor, ultimate weapons, enemies, pets, music and a shiny new final boss. Terraria on consoles will also include local, split-screen multiplayer for up to four people and eight-player online multiplayer.

Terraria hit PC on May 16, 2011, from developer Re-Logic, and by September 2012 it sold 1.6 million copies. It's kind of like developers at Re-Logic are digging for gold, but they found 1.6 million people to do all the actual labor for them.

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