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Breakfast Topic: For the Horde! ...or the Alliance?


Does faction pride concretely influence the way you play World of Warcraft? After all, not every player truly cares about faction politics or storylines. Some players play one faction or the other simply because that's where the race they prefer resides (or because that's where the ones they can't stand don't). Maybe you're with the Horde right now because that's where your friends play, or perhaps you're Alliance-side after transferring to a guild that's hitting the raid content you're interested in.


Take our quiz and show us where you stand, and then hop down to the comments to tell us what that's all about. Why do you play the faction you play? If all your characters are on one side of the great factional divide, have you tried the other side? Pandaren players, have you gone with your usual faction choice, or did you opt for the other side?

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